Feoktistov plays “Kamarinskaya”

Boris Stepanovich Feoktistov (Борис Степанович Феоктистов) (1910-1988) plays the balalaika solo “Kamarinskaya” (Камаринская) with the Alexandrov Ensemble, conducted by Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov at the Albert Hall, London, 1963. (NB: Please note that Feoktistov’s name is spelled incorrectly on Western recordings; sorry I was misled and spelled it wrongly on the video.)

Rodrigo’s 1939 guitar concerto, Concierto de Aranjuez, was popular at the time, and this arrangement by B.A. Alexandrov contains references to that concerto, especially towards the end. But there are other references, especially at the beginning, to Chinese folk music. Musically, there’s a lot going on here, even after you’ve finished being knocked out by Feoktistov’s virtuoso balalaika-playing.

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