Kharitonov sings “Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl”

Leonid Kharitonov and the Alexandrov Ensemble – “Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl” (Черноглазая казачка)

This song is about Cossak Soldier who once met a dark-eyed Cossak girl and asked her to shoe his horse. The girl agreed and asked for a very small price. The man asked her name since he liked her very much. The girl refused to tell her name and answered that the cossack would hear it right from under his horse’s shoes when he rides it. The cossack started riding his horse and guessing her name – Masha? Zina? Dasha? Nina?.. No, they were all wrong!.. KATYA, KATYA, KATERINA! – the horseshoes knocked her name! Since those times whereever the cossack went he always whispered “KATYA, KATYA, KATERINA”… He was thinking that that was an obsession since he already had another girlfriend. But strange thing was that he could never take that Cossak girl’s name out of his chest as it was a neverending song inside there…


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