The Choir sings “Forward, on the Way!”

The Choir sings “Forward, on the Way!” (В путь!)

This rare and historic program was filmed on location in the former Soviet Union in 1965. The ensemble consisted of about 200 entertainers including a choir and choreographic troupe, who travelled the front lines, entertaining Soviet troops by performing more than 1500 concerts during World War II. This DVD brings to life the essence of Russian music and performance with spectacular singing, dancing and acrobatics.

Folk music of the Soviet Union: the Soviet Army, Chorus, Band and Dance Ensemble performs a wide variety of Russian dances and songs.

This documentary captures a performance featuring over one-hundred singers and dancers showcasing various traditional Russian music and dances.
~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide


One comment on “The Choir sings “Forward, on the Way!”

  1. KAPPSA says:

    Boris Alexandrovich used to astonish the audience by leaving the stage and letting the choir and orchestra perform this piece entirely alone. The Ensemble was so skilled, disciplined and experienced that there was no trick to this: they really could keep time on their own, even though the choir – spread out on stage with each man with his head up and looking forwards – could not all watch the band’s leader (the way such a trick is normally played).

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