The Choir sings “Long Live Our Power!”

The Red Army Choir & Soloists – Long Live Our Power! (Да здравствует наша держава!)
The concert in Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, 1965.

There’re 5 soloists on the left and 7 soloist on the right on the stage in this performance. Here they are (from left to right, also see the attached photos):

First five on the left:

  1. Gres Nikolay (soloist of the ensemble)
  2. Belyaev Yevgeny (soloist of the ensemble)
  3. Didenko Ivan Alexandrovich (soloist of the choir)
  4. Shkaptsov Vladimir (soloist of the choir)
  5. Bukreev Ivan Semyonovich (soloist of the ensemble)

Another seven on the right:

  1. Kharitonov Leonid (soloist of the ensemble)
  2. Kimbazar Sadaev (soloist of the choir)
  3. Gerasimov Konstantin Petrovich  (soloist of the ensemble)
  4. Sibirtsev Alexandr (soloist of the choir, was just for about ½ year in the choir)
  5. Shopenko Boris (soloist of the ensemble)
  6. Sergeev Alexey Tikhonovich (soloist of the ensemble)
  7. Ruslanov Vadim Lvovich (soloist of the ensemble)

I need to mention that there were two positions for being a soloist in the Alexandrov’s ensemble. The Soloist of the choir – means that a person was a constant member of the choir and only sometimes they had one or two solo performances with just certain songs specially selected for their personal vocal capabilities. (BTW Vasily Yeliseev was the soloist of the Choir too.) The Soloist of the Ensemble – is a higher grade, means that a person was a soloist on the constant basis and never took part in the choir.

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