Vinogradov & Abramov Sing “Over the Sea”

Georgy Abramov (bass) and Georgy Vinogradov (tenor) sing an old Russian folk song “Over the Sea”

Imagine 30 sailing ships on a blue sea…. The sailors are cheerfully singing and conversing with each other as the ships, in a perfect line, sail toward the horizon. This is the word picture created by Georgy Abramov (bass) and Georgy Vinogradov (tenor) in this enchanting duet, “Over the Sea”, recorded in the 1940s.

Уж, как по морю

Уж, как по морю, по морю,
морю синенькому
Морю синенькому, ой да!
Тут и плыли, восплывали
Ровно тридцать кораблей
Ровно тридцать кораблей, эх да!
Хорошо древцы к древу
Эх да весело песни поют
Весело песни поют, Ой да!
Весело, весело песни поют
Эх да разговоры они говорят
разговоры говорят, эх да!

Over the sea

Over the sea, over the sea
The blue sea
The blue sea, oy da!
Here they were sailing, sailing out
Exactly thirty ships
Exactly thirty ships, hey da!
Perfectly in line
Hey da! They are cheerfully singing songs
Cheerfully singing songs, oy da!
Cheerfully, cheerfully singing songs
Hey da, and conversing
and conversing, hey da!

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