Vinogradov sings “Dark Night”

Georgy Pavlovich Vinogradov (Георгий Павлович Виноградов) sings “Dark Night” (“Темная Ночь”)

This performance was recorded live at a concert in Prague, 12 June 1946. This was an Alexandrov Ensemble concert, conducted by A.V. Alexandrov, who died suddenly the following month.

Here’s a report of Vinogradov’s performance of this song at the the Ensemble’s 1944 Helsinki concert:
“There appeared on the stage the performer Vinogradov. He then sang the popular song “Dark Night”. The hall registered no cough; no breath. It seemed one could hear the beating hearts of excited people sitting in adjacent seats. When Vinogradov finished singing, silence reigned for a few moments. It was suddenly interrupted by weeping women, and then that was drowned by the enthusiastic ovation from the entire hall. It lasted several minutes.” (Memoirs of Vice-Admiral Nikolai Konstantinovich Smirnov).


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