Vinogradov sings “Shine, Shine My Star”

Georgy Pavlovich Vinogradov (Георгий Павлович Виноградов) sings “Shine, Shine My Star” (Гори, Гори, Моя Звезда)

The recording is undated, but it would be during or before 1951. The accompanying instrument is one of the Russian guitar-like instruments, if not a Spanish guitar. It was probably recorded for All-Union Radio.

The music is by Pavel Bulakov (1824-1875) and the lyrics by V. Chuevsky.

Shine, shine my star,
Star of love, how inviting you are!
You are my only and one light,
there will never be another.
As the night falls down to Earth
lots of stars will shine in the sky.
But you’re the one, my lovely star,
shining pleasant rays on me.
Star of hope,
star of love and magic days.
You will always be here,
by my troubled soul.
And your strong and bright rays
will illumine my being.
Should I die, on my grave you will
shine, shine my star.


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