Vinogradov and Bunchikov sing “Nightingales”

Georgy Pavlovich Vinogradov (Георгий Павлович Виноградов) & Vladimir Bunchikov sing “Nightingales” (Соловьи)

‘Solovi’– ‘Nightingales’– was composed during the Great Patriotic War, World War II on the Eastern Front. The song implores the nightingales to be quiet and allow the soldiers to sleep on the eve of battle. It achieved much popularity and entered the repertoire of the Red Army Ensemble, performances of which can be heard elsewhere on You Tube.

But, however beautiful such large-scale performances, the sentiment may be better conveyed in a smaller-scale performance such as this.

Georgy Vinogradov is the tenor (first picture), and Vladimir Bunchikov the baritone (second picture). Recorded in the USSR, the duet was issued in the USA in the 1940s on an Argee 78-RPM disc.

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