Sergeev sings “Stenka Razin”

Alexey Tikhonovich Sergeev (Алексей Тихонович Сергеев) sings “Stenka Razin” (Из-за острова на стрежень)

Russian folk song.

The shooting of this clip was made in 1965 in Kurkino, near Moscow by a German operator, former operator of Hitler.

3 comments on “Sergeev sings “Stenka Razin”

  1. What a beautiful song. What beautiful photography. I don’t know the story of Stenkin Razin but I can get a feel for what his life must have been like. Alexey Sergeev has a beautiful voice and sings this son well.

  2. Judith Hibbard says:

    I did go to the site you recommended and was impressed with all that he did. There is an English translation with great lyrics. Thank you so much.

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