Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov – Soloist of the Ensemble. (b. Golumet, Irkutsk Oblast 1933). (Russian: Л.М. Харитонов). People’s Artist of Russia, Honoured Artist of Russia; bass-baritone soloist.

When his father went missing in World War II, his mother brought him up. At the age of 14yrs he studied locally to be a welder, and began to perform as a singer. At 17 years old he started auditioning at Irkutsk Philharmonic, then at Moscow Philharmonic, and finally was accepted by Moscow Conservatory. This was very difficult because as a Siberian he did not have even a matriculation certificate, but his strong singing voice spoke for him. For nearly 20 years he was a member of the Red Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet army (later the Alexandrov Ensemble): in the choir from 1953 to 1965, and a soloist from 1965 to 1972. He subsequently became a soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic. He performed successfully in most concert halls in Russia: On tour he visited the entire country, including the Kremlin Palace concert hall. He was the pride of Russia, sang at concerts for the Government and for foreign delegations. After that he went on tour abroad a great deal.

With the Alexandrov Ensemble he recorded The Ballad about Russian Boys (music: Novikov; lyrics: Oshanin L.), John Reed Walks Around Petrograd (music: Novikov; lyrics: M. Vershinin), War Isn’t Over Yet (music: B. Muradeli; lyrics: M. Andronov), Here Lenin Lived (music: B. Terentiev; lyrics: A. Fatyanov), Lenin’s Guard (music: B Aleksandrov; lyrics: M Khotimsk), My Fatherland (music: O. Feltsman; lyrics: Oshanin L.), Veterans Don’t Grow Old in their Souls (music: Tulika S.; lyrics: Y. Belinsky), Peacefighter’s Song (music: B. Muradeli; lyrics: V. Kharitonov), Gray Hair (music: A. Ekimyan; lyrics: F. Laube), Son of the Fatherland (music: S. Tulika; lyrics: V. Lazarev), Son of Russia (music: St. Tulika; lyrics: V. Kharitonov), Ej, Uhnem (Song of the Volga Boatmen), Death of Varyag.

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by Leonid Kharitonov

The official site of this soloist is located here.

Leonid Kharitonov

The Veterans...

The Soloists

The Soloists

Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Kharitonov

The Cliff

The Cliff

The Cliff

The Cliff

The Cliff

The Cliff

Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl

Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl

Leonid Kharitonov

Czechoslovakia Tour

Paris, 1965

Paris, 1965

17 comments on “Leonid Kharitonov

  1. […] Leonid Kharitonov and the Alexandrov Ensemble – “The Cliff on the Volga” (Utyos) Live The concert in Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow 1965 […]

  2. […] Leonid Kharitonov and the Alexandrov Ensemble – Yo, heave ho! (Ej, Uhnem) Live The concert in Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow 1965 […]

  3. […] Leonid Kharitonov and the Alexandrov Ensemble – Yo, heave ho! (Ej, Uhnem) […]

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  5. Yves says:

    Dear Friends of Ensemble Alexandrov!

    I remember Leonid Kharitonov when He came to Paris with You. I was at the Palais des Sports, and that was a very great pleasur tu hear him when He song “Quand fera-t-il jouir, Camarade”.

    This yuer You will be in my country during the 2010 Franco’Rissian year. I shall go the see you as often it was possible. I kwen you wil perform in Rouen (110km from Amiens, my town) and I shall have the opportunity to meet you, because I whall celebrate 50 years of “vernosty” for you. You have been my poutniki all along that time, and life was more than beautiful thanks to You.

    Priviet druziam (Vadik Ananiev, Vassily Shtefutsa and all other members of your zaluzhny Kollektiv !!

    Let me tell that Rossyia is my second fatherland, and my russian wife from Rostov na Donu podarela mne Synok, zovut Maksim ( ne gorki a sladki….)

    Liubliu Vas!

    Yves Le Duc
    14 rue des Francs Juges
    80000 AMIENS

    • KAPPSA says:

      Dear Mr. Yves!

      Thank you very much for sharing your memories of the Ensemble’s and Leonid Kharitonov’s performance in Paris! Although this blog is not an “official” Ensemble site, we, the administrators, are great admirers of the Ensemble and enjoy sharing its history and music with fans from all over the world! I myself feel a special connection, since I am Leonid Kharitonov’s younger son. I will certainly share your comments with him! He’ll be very pleased to hear your memories! (And by the way, you can visit his official English language web site at http://www.lkharitonov.com and his official Russian site at http://www.leonidharitonov.ru.)

      Actually, we have been looking for the recording in any form (vinyl, CD, mp3 etc.) by L. Kharitonov of the song you mention (“Quand Fera-T-Il Jour, Camarade?”) and can’t find it anywhere so far. Do you have any information about it? We would appreciate it a lot! We were even thinking to contact Mireille Mathieu about it. (BTW, did you notice that the last photo above is L. Kharitonov’s performance of this song at the Palais des Sports, which you attended!) )))

      I’m happy to hear that you’ll be able to attend the Ensemble’s performances in your country this year–ENJOY! Best regards to you and please give my best regards to your wife as well.

      Mikhail Kharitonov

  6. Arthur Kremer says:


    Dear Sir

    I collect authographs and letters from very important opera singers in the world. I send you many letters during 50 years to different addresses also to your birthday in 18 September, but without success. Now i have Internet and find this e-mail.

    Please very much to send me(not with e-mail please) a photo with your dedication and a letter.

    Thank you very much and all my best wishes and continuous success!
    Yours sincerely
    Arthur Kremer

  7. Georges says:

    le meilleur interprète des bateliers de la Volga

  8. Georges says:

    nice to send me this video, I really enjoyed myself. I’ve listened to the first time I had turned 16 and tenors were for me the most beautiful voice. When I listened to yours that I have all questioned. I asked my brother who sang, he replied: Leonid Kharitonov. Name printed in my memory ever since. It is thanks to him that I listened to all the Choirs of the former Red Army. I prefer Opera but we listened to the music as the other, since the Choirs sang as the Opera House. I just perpetuates his memory because he left us too soon and he had the entire collection of Alexandrov Ensemble and others like Babloev, Fleet Soviet Poustovalov … My brother took the pseudonym Vladimir Rouslanov as corresponding to acquire uniforms and caps on ebay. I intend to make a slideshow of the boatmen and I think you should send it but be patient because I do not want to do the same thing on You Tube. I hope you have soloists alive. If you have information to acquire photos from Oleg Razoumovsky I’d be happy. I hope that since the end of communism you live decently all your talent past and present. It was a pleasure (and honor) to contact you.

  9. Hala Chams says:

    J’adore votre façon de chanter “Черноглазая казачка”, j’ai l’a découvert aujourd’hui et j’ai la entendu plusieurs fois, dix quinze peut-être! Quel beauté…Vous etes admirable cher ” Леонид Михайлович”

  10. Alvaro says:


    I recently discover Kharitonov and I fell in love the way he sings. I listen 30 times in a row “the Cliff” and I could listen it 1000 times!.

    Is it posible to get an artist photo with the originial autograph? I would like to put this photo in my particular Singer museum.

  11. Bertholio says:

    ah! ok I misread

  12. Michael Soellner says:

    A great singer with a strong and really impressing voice. Listening to “The volga boatmen” I was deeply touched. Absolutely fantastic!

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