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  1. Gloria says:

    This is really interesting. I love the music and I love reading about the singers. I loved looking at the Dance of the Zaporozhye Cossacks. That’s the city my father was born in. Small world. But I really love listening to the singing. Thanks for telling me about this, Debbie. Talk to you soon. 🙂

  2. Muffin says:

    I knew the Choir through Youtube and was amazed by their fantastic music.I want to share with you a video I had found recently of a concert given in China to celebrate 60th anniversary of PRC.Distinct from the ordinary perfomance ,the Choir sang some Chinese songs.I hope their fans would like it!


  3. russiandoll87 says:


    Hello! I love this blog and I visit it frequently. The Red Army Choir has been my favorite music for about five years now. I have a question. I am making an art book that might be featured in an international traveling exhibition. I wanted to ask your permission to use some of the images from this blog in my book. May I have your permission?

    Thank you,

  4. russiandoll87 says:

    Thank you very much!

  5. alisalv says:

    hello! I’m one of your fan of Alexandrov Ensemble.
    I love your blogs, especially about history of Alexandrov Ensemble. It helps me to compare my historical fiction story about Alexandrov Ensemble.
    but I have one question. In 1933, the ensemble grew to 300 performers. Are they soldier or another person whose enlisted?

    • KAPPSA says:

      I’m not sure I understood the question… At its better times the ensemble had over 400 members..

      • alisalv says:

        I’m very sorry if my question is too confusing… but don’t worry, I just asking.
        Oh ya, Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya pada Alexandrov Ensemble. Berkat Ensemble tersebut, saya termotivasi untuk belajar bahasa Rusia. Dan saya teringat lagu pertama yang saya dengar dari Alexandrov Ensemble adalah “Ochi Chyornye” dan “Kalinka”. Ya, lagu ini yang membuat saya termotivasi.
        Saya ingin sekali bertemu dengan Alexandrov Ensemble, dan berharap kalian bisa tampil di Indonesia! Walau memang sulit karena sangat jarang orang Indonesia menyukai lagu dari Alexandrov Ensemble…
        Sekali lagi, saya mengucapkan terima kasih dan mohon maaf bila saya memakai bahasa Indonesia.

  6. leo46d says:


    Je me permets de vous écrire ces quelques lignes en français sur votre magnifique site. Tout d’abord, j’ai vu pour la première fois, à l’âge de 12 ans, l’ensemble Alexandrov à l’Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles en 1958. Ce fut pour moi une découverte et un enchantement lorsque Evgeny Belyaev chantait “Kalinka” et que le choeur entama le célèbre air : “Les Bateliers de la Volga”; les danseurs n’étaient pas en reste. Par la suite chaque fois que ce superbe groupe s’est produit en Belgique j’ai assisté à ses représentarions. Le summum, en plus des airs traditionnels du folklore russe, était l’interprétation inoubliable de notre hymne national : “La Branbançonne” chanté en français et en néerlandais, air que je n’ai jamais pu trouver par la suite sur CD ou en video. Longue vie à l’ensemble académique, chants et danses de l’ensemble de l’armée russe! Bravo, grâce à votre site, d’avoir perpétuer la mémoire des anciens solistes.

    Avec mon cordial salut à tous!


  7. Linda says:

    Hi Leo

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I too first heard the Ensemble in the 1950s, but in the UK; the experience was the same.

    Et mon cordial salut à vous aussi. C’etait Artur Eisen qui chant Les Bateliers de la Volga 1958.


  8. Michel Tetaz says:

    Thank you for this wonderful site. My mother was ukrainian, and once a year, in the 60S, we watched the red army choir concert at the french TV. During this concert, we ere not allowed to say anything, but I remember enjoying this very much. The videos remind me these nice moments, and I hope to have the opportunity to see the Alexandov ensemble soon in France.
    Thank you again

    • Linda says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the Alexandrov Ensemble in their best years in the 60s. You heard their finest music then. If you see them in France, look out for bass soloist Ivan Stolyar. He is young, but I think he has a great future.

    • KAPPSA-2 says:

      Dear Michel.
      We’re so happy to bring this site to Alexandrov Ensemble fans all over the world! We’re very happy that you have such enjoyable memories and hope that you’ll be able to see the Ensemble soon!

  9. Michel Tetaz says:

    Thanks for your replies. Hopefully, we have videos and records from this period. A lot of people are very enthousiastic about this choir, but it is more special for me as my mother gave me some Ukrainian blood. Somewhere, I feel that this music is mine.

  10. Kateryna Babina says:

    Dear KAPPSA, Thank you for the brilliant website. I wonder if you could help me to shed a little light on my family history. I know that my grandfather, Topchii Nikolai Fedorovich, was one of the tenors in the Alexandrov Ensemble sometime in the mid to late 1930s. He left the choir due to a family tragedy and later fought in the war where he had sever contusion and lost most of his hearing. Nevertheless, he was always singing. My memory of him was him working in his masterskaya (he was a sapozhnik) and singing, always singing.
    If it is possible at all to find any records of his name in the archives – it would be a great present for my mother and her sisters.
    Thank you, Kind regards. Kateryna

  11. Michael Surcombe says:

    Dear all
    I’m hoping to make a short feature about the ensemble for our British programme ‘The Choir’ on BBC Radio 3. But I need to find somebody who can talk about the history of the group, ideally someone in the UK. Would you be able to give me any useful contacts?

    Many thanks

  12. Ruda says:

    When was born Leonid Ivanovic Malev, please? Thank you.

    • KAPPSA says:

      Leonid Ivanovic Malev was born in 1953 on the 28th of August in Lvov city (Ukraine).

      • dasa says:

        Dear Kappsa,can you give me some informations abou great Valery Gavva.his private life,family,date of birth.I adore Red Army Choir,and Iwant to thank you for this page.Great wishes from Adriatic Sea,from Croatia.

  13. Vassilis A. says:

    I am 16 years old student from Greece and I like very much the russian music and the Red Army Choir. My favourite russian songs are Katyusha, Kalinka, Nightingales and Oh You Rye!
    Greetings from Greece!!!

  14. dasa says:

    Dear friends, I adore Red Army Choir and I love voice of great Valery Gavva.so Ihope that someone can give me some informations about his private life,date of birth. . .Thanks. Dasa

  15. Michael Vournazos says:

    I have watched as many YouTube videos of the Ensemble concerts and individual performances as I can find. I note that almost all the choir members wear Warrant Officer stars – some 2, some 3 – except that the soloists wear other ranks. Ananev, for example, wears a naval uniform in what, to me in the US would be equivalent to our Lieutenant Commander- is he really Navy? The conductor is generally a Colonel or, sometimes, a Lieutenant Colonel, and once a Major General. Then, tonight, I saw a concert -2010 Defenders of the Fatherland Day, I think, in which no one except the conductors and soloists wore any rank stars at all, just gold shoulder boards with the edge stripes appropriate for Warrant ranks. But, in one concert I watched – 100th Birthday concert, I think, an army General decorated several members with medals. So, tell me – is the Ensemble still a military organization? Are all regular members appointed to Warrant Officer rank upon acceptance into the choir? Some of the members wear enough medals and decorations and show enough age that I would expect them to be higher than Warrant rank. Or is the uniform no longer military-related and simply a “band uniform” In the video of Helmut Lotti singing the Federation Anthem in Red Square – a fairly recent video, I think, choir members wore shoulder boards with rank stars, but some of the band members wore stars on shoulders, but no shoulder boards… I am totally confused.

  16. Matthew says:


    I am a great fan of the ensemble and I admire their astonishing works performed throughout the 20th Century. I am currently researching the uniform worn by them during WW2 (Great Patriotic War). Can anyone tell me what colour their peaked caps were topped with during the 1935 – 1942 period. Strange question but I hope someone can provide me with an answer as I have seen several photos but I cannot work out if it’s the Alexandrov or MDV ensemble.

    Thanks and all the best,


  17. Simon says:

    Dear Aleksandrov Ensemble,

    I am a huge fan of the choir of your Academy and has been for years. There is however one song that I absolutely would love to hear sung by your choir in russian, and it’s “Once To Every Man And Nation”, it is indeed an American song written as a protest to end a war between USA and Mexico, however I do believe the mere feel of the tone and the addition of russian language lyrics would make it infinitely better.
    Please do consider my idea and I hope to see it one day as a recording somewhere.

    Thank you in advance.

  18. Jenny says:


    I just discovered your Alexandrov ensemble website today. Since I think Alexandrov is not well known here in the Philippines to have a concert unlike some foreign bands or singers, I hope that someday I can go to their concert. I visited Australia and some Asian countries but will take me I guess 5-9 years to travel to Europe since I have to save a lot of money if I will go there 😀

    Thanks for building this website for bringing fans all over the world together.

    – Jennifer a.k.a. Jenny

  19. joel rochow says:

    Would very much appreciate lyrics of songs performed by Soviet Army Chorus and Band in England in 1956. Does anyone know the URL for the lyrics in Russian?

  20. Жалеем для всем друзья Ансамбалья !!!Светлая память!!!!

  21. John Green says:

    Just read the news today (Christmas day) my condolences.

  22. D'HULST says:

    Je présente aux familles, aux proches des victimes ainsi qu’à l’ensemble des Chœurs de l’Armée Rouge Alexandrov mes condoléances les plus émues. C’est un bien triste Noël!

  23. Mark Proctor says:

    I read with horror of the terrible accident claiming so many of your choir. Please accept my deepest sympathy. Your music brings joy around the world. I’m sure you will rebuild from your incalculable loss.

  24. A fan from Hungary says:

    I came to offer my condolence upon the horrific loss your organisations has experienced. I am very sorry this happened. Your singers and dancers and musicians were such great professionals and have given joy to generations of audiences.

  25. Mike Vournazos says:

    OH NO! I cannot believe I am reading about this terrible disaster. I have loved this Choir for years and have collected numerous of its concerts from YouTube. There are many members who simply cannot be replaced. I await with dread a listing of those who were killed. May God with their families and their souls be with God.

  26. Piotr Pielak says:

    Candle burn for all the People which have lost their lifes in the Airplane Crash today. 🕯
    Its again a Day of deep Sadness in this normally so wonderful christmas Time.
    May God be with all who are suffering deep Sadness and Pain, the Mothers, Fathers, Wifes, Husbands, Children and Friends.
    May God be with you all and may he safe the Souls of the People which had to leave us today!

  27. Ajam says:

    Tuga golema i pregolema. Počivali u miru. Iskreno saučešće porodicama.

  28. karen young says:

    The Deepest Condolences to your people and country Russia, for this great loss of wonderful musicians, and other family, from your music fan in Oregon.

  29. Estela says:

    Desde México les mando mi mas sentidas condolencias a nuestros hermanos Rusos por esta enorme perdida. mis mejores deseos y un fuerte abrazo. tengan por seguro que el mundo entero llora con ustedes, queridos hermanos.

  30. Ron Walker says:

    Deepest Condolences to the Russian people. The loss is heartbreaking. I love the Ensemble and Russian musical culture. May the families be blessed in their hour of sorrow from a big fan of the Ensemble in Arizona.

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