44 comments on “Guest Book

  1. Guillermo desde Chile says:

    Me duele como si fueran mis parientes, es una pérdida inmensa para toda la humanidad, Mis condolencias al gran pueblo ruso, vivirán en la memoria de todos los amantes del verdadero arte y en el compromiso con las causas de su pueblo

  2. Elfrida, Croatia says:

    Great loss for entire world. Deeply sorry.
    Condolences to families, friends and russian people.

  3. Steelband Condolences to the Alexandrov Ensemble and the Russian people

    On behalf of my sisters and brothers of all The Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago, I remain humbly compelled to extend our sincere condolences to; the people of Russia, the associated Armed Forces of Russia, the members and families of one of the worlds greatest cultural resources, the Alexandrov Ensemble; who suffered a significant loss of some 64 of their talented members on Christmas day 2016, due to an unfortunate aircraft accident in the Black Sea. An additional 28 people perished; there were no survivors.

    May your hearts be strong,
    May your memories be long.
    May musical strength with your comrades take,
    a cup o’ kindness yet,
    air not forget;
    for auld lang syne.

    May your gods be with you, adieu.
    tobagojo – 20161228
    PRO – Hatters Steel Orchestra, San Fernando, Trinidad, TT

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