New Ensemble Vocalists

New Ensemble Vocalists, 1977

New Ensemble Vocalists, 1977

The concert of the new cast of the Ensemble’s soloists in the Central House of the Soviet Army accompanied by the Orchestra of the Ministry of Defence, 1977

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19 comments on “New Ensemble Vocalists

  1. Elina says:


    Who is singing in this picture?


    • NEBO says:

      It’s hard to say for sure as there is much later ensemble’s cast shown on the picture…

      • Elina says:

        Pity.. I have tried to find something of Boris Zhbanov, but nobody seems to know anything of him. I sow this pic and looks like he is one of them, but not sure.

        Here is a link, where he’s singing 1971 –


      • KAPPSA says:

        I am pretty sure that he was not singing with the Alexandrov Ensemble, and that is why we don’t know him. However we are researching this.

        Thank you for bringing him to our attention. He had a naturally beautiful voice, and is worth hearing. I recommend that you upload your video to Youtube, so we can all enjoy it – and send us the link.

    • KAPPSA says:

      Well, I’ll try to find out more about the picture and Boris Zhbanov for you… But why are you so interested in this particular soloist?!..

    • KAPPSA says:

      Now I can definitely confirm that there was no such singer as Boris Zhbanov in the Alexandrov Ensemble at least till 1972…

      • Elina says:

        Is this Alexandrov Ensemble other thing than Red Army Choir?? Meaning, Boris didnt sing in Alexandrov Ensemble but he sing in Red Army Choir in 1971?

      • Elina says:

        Well, I was sure the man in picture was Boris.. But maybe he was someone totally unknown artist, who was taken whit choir because he sing so well Finnish. But in other hand, he was singing in the choir, too (3 songs). And two songs like soloist. And second soloist Arvi Kemppi sings one song and in the choir, too. He was in Red Army Choir 1952 – 1985.

        Well, was Boris singing in Red Army Choir or not, I enjoy to listening his voice and singing and not only them. His performance is so captivating, that he gives me a great pleasure every time I listening and looking him.

        I tried to find Boris songs from side, but didn’t find any. My wish was I would find music where he’s singing in Russia, but I’m quite sure I can forget that idea. Like all the other information, too. I don’t have any idea where to ask more. (I ask from Red Army Choir.. they didn’t answer to mine mail and Boris relative said he is dead.. nothing more..).

        I had considerate to put those films to net, but I’m not sure I’m aloud to do it, so don’t have done it yet. But if you want DVD of the concert, I can send it to you.

      • KAPPSA says:

        Like I wrote before I have quite a reliable information that there was no such soloist in the Alexandrov Ensemble. I can assure you for more than 100%.. ))

        There were lots of different military choirs and orchestras in Russia. Maybe he was a member of some other military choir. However, The Red Army Choir was always considered to be the Alexandrov’s one.

        Where did you get that info about him?..

      • Elina says:

        I believe you! : ) My information:

        – His relative I find from facebook.

        – Concert: (No I sow this!: Erityisen rakastettu ja ihailtu konserttivieras oli Neuvostoarmeijan Leningradin piirin laulu-, tanssi- ja soitinyhtye, joka meillä tunnettiin vanhalla nimellään Puna-armeijan kuorona  Really loved and admired concert visitor was Leningrad’s singing-, dance- and instrumental ensemble of Soviet Army (or something like that Ü), which was know by as by old name Red-Army Choir. So it wasn’t the “real” Red Army Choir.. I think.

        – Arvi Kemppi: So, because Arvo sing in same place than Boris, he didn’t sing it the “real” Red Army Choir either, as they write here. Isn’t the real one in Moscow… Or here written “Soviet Red Army Choir”. Äh.. I give up.. Maybe all Red Army Choirs was Red Army choirs, would they be in Leningrad, Moscow or where ever. Well, next I have to find out that Leningrad’s singing-, dance- and instrumental ensemble of Soviet Army. Maybe there is page of them somewhere..

        Well, sorry I have bothered you by Boris. : ) If I would have read text little better in the first place, I would see the Leningrad-word, but I read only Red Army Choir. And when it’s in the program too, I assume that it was the one and only Red Army Choir.

        If you want, you can delete all my text, because this doesn’t have anything to do with Alexandrov Ensemble.

        PS. I still want to know who was that second man from the right. : )

    • Sasha says:

      Hi this is a bit late probably but you could try searching his name in the cyrillic alphabet instead, so Борис Жбанов, basically.

  2. Elina says:

    He interested me by many reason, but most interesting thing is his absolutely fascinating and charming voice! If someone know anything of him, so it would be nice to hear it. (Mail


  3. Elina says:

    “In 1949 the ensemble was named officially the A. V. Alexandrov Soviet army twice red-bannered and red-starred song and dance ensemble, so it was not the Red Army Choir any more. In 1978 the ensemble was renamed to the A. V. Aleksandrov Soviet army twice red-bannered and red-starred academic song and dance ensemble.” Proably this is reading on this page too..

    So, there isint anymore any Red Army Choir, but they use the name forward. Like here:
    “Venäjän puna-armeijan kuoro ja orkesteri” Russian red-army choir and orchestra … come to Helsinki 19.3.2010 and here:
    “Venäjän armeijan kuoro Pietarista” Russian Army choir from Peterburg. Peterburg! How it can be from Peterburg? I thouhgt its from Moskow.

    So there have been in Leningras both Leningrad’s singing-, dance- and instrumental ensemble of Soviet Army and the Red Army Choir. Boris sing on the first, not in the last one.

    I have to stop writing here, before you come mad with me! At least I have feeling that I came soon mad whit all this choirs and names..

    • KAPPSA says:

      Well, I see now that this “Red Army Choir” from Leningrad is not the Alexandrov’s one. The Alexandrov Ensemble was always based in Moscow. Full name is – the A.V.Alexandrov Russian army twice red-bannered academic song and dance ensemble, in short, the Alexandrov ensemble or KAPPSA (Russian: Краснознаменный академический Ансамбль песни и пляски Советской Армии имени А.В. Александрова [Ansambl’ Alexandrova] or КААППСА). A.V. Alexandrov was its founder and first conductor. Their official web site is here

      First it was named after the Red Army, then after the Soviet Army, and now as far as I know – after the Russian Army.

      In the English-speaking West, the Ensemble has always been known as the Red Army Choir – English Wikipedia is the exception, because it has international editors. We have used “Alexandrov Ensemble” on Youtube because it’s better than “Red Army Choir”, but we still put “Red Army Choir” in the tags so that westerners can find it. I don’t think the West has ever heard of the KAPPSA abbreviation either.

      Besides, I’m sure that Leningrad (now it’s St. Petersburg) has its own “Army Ensemble”. And it’s most probably that Zhbanov performed there. But it wasn’t the ensemble of A.V.Alexandrov. But I’ll try to find out who is the second from the right guy on the photo for you.

  4. Elina says:

    I find Boris from youtube, but only one song.:

    I put to Picasa all songs, which was on the concert:

  5. enzolot says:

    As I can see it’s a Vocal Octet of Red Army Choir.

    All of the members have worked in Ensemble as choir singers for about 10 years or more and they are all about 45 years old. Not so young. I can say that biggest man in the middle is Boris Kazanov and second from left is my father Nikolay Zolotarev. It was so called patronage concert – absolutely free for audience. It’s very rare photo, but The octet was widely known in it’s time and famous. They singed as octet for example for Leonid Brezhnev. If I remember more I’ll wright you of cource.
    Best wishes.

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